Release Notes 1/20/2017

Charlie Flynn -

See these enhancements live in action during our webinar. Click here to watch.

Web Application Enhancements:

  • Bulk Print & Download: Download several cases at once right from the Cases list. Just select the cases you'd like to download and click 'Bulk Print/ Download'  If necessary, they can be printed once downloaded.
    Cases - Bulk Print Download.png

  • Rename Shared Folders: Site Administrators can now rename Shared (account-wide) folders after they have been created. You can find this option under Site Administration > Shared Folders.

    Shared Folders - Update Folder Name.png
  • Advanced Search by Delivery Type: Users can now search by 'Preferred Delivery Type' within the Users, Tags, Demographics section of Advanced Search. This is useful for Homecare Homebase clients when separating non-faxed orders by delivery type.

    Advanced Search - Delivery Type.png


Having trouble seeing these changes? Try clearing your browser's cache using the instructions here. Also, if you're having trouble logging in, please press CtrlF5 on your keyboard and try again.

Don't see our recent mobile enhancements? Make sure you've updated the app! Turn on auto-updates for the best experience.


  • Removing templates & patient charts: Now only site administrators can remove templates and patient records. This decreases accidental deletion of templates and patient records.
  • Add activity for bulk actions: An activity is now added to the Activity History within each case when any of the bulk actions (status, tag, assign, etc.) are used.
  • Scan Capture: 'My Drive' at bottom of list: 'My Drive' will now appear at the end of the shared folder list. If there are no shared folders, then 'My Drive' will be the only option for uploading.
  • Manage Pages issue: After using the Manage Pages feature within a saved search, users are returned to the same saved search.
  • Sorting Inbound Transmissions: When sorting or filtering within the Inbound or Transmissions sections, the correct results display.
  • Audit Log Initials & Times: The Audit Log within each case now displays the correct initials and date/ time for each activity.
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