How can I view more than one branch or location at a time on my dashboard?

Mary Beth Janson -

Users with more than one branch can update their Dashboard to view one, multiple, or all branches with the Multi-Site Dashboard Management filter option. Please note that this feature requires activation and may not be enabled for your organization. 

If Multi-Site Dashboard Management is available for your organization, follow the instructions below to view the desired branches. 

Open the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the Dashboard.

Type the name of the branch in the Filter by Location box. Select from the dropdown list or hit Enter after typing. Repeat the process to select multiple locations. The Dashboard instantly updates to display the branches selected. A notification appears at the top of the Dashboard indicating if more than one branch is selected. Selections will save until actively changed by the user. 

To remove a branch, click the X next to the branch name. To clear all selections in order to view all locations, select Clear All

Multi-Site Dashboard Management requires additional setup prior to activation. Contact to determine if this feature applies to your organization.

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