Release Notes 6/2/2017

Charlie Flynn -


Web Application Enhancements:

  • Enhanced Saved Search criteria: View the criteria used to populate the saved searches on your dashboard. Click on Current Criteria in the hamburger menu to view current selections or to modify search criteria. This avoids having to delete the search and start over. Users can also now rename saved searches.

Saved Search Current Criteria.png

  • Bulk Unassign Users and Tags: Remove users and tags in bulk using the new features in the hamburger menu on the Cases page.

Cases - Bulk Unassign.png

  • Transmissions linked to Cases: View the cases to which transmissions are linked directly from the Transmission page. Hover over the magnifying glass icon to see “View case:{caseID}” or “View Transmission” if no case was created. Click “View Case” to open the case and view the case details.
  • Physician delivery method available for all users: If the default delivery type field is populated in the physician directory, that delivery method will automatically populate when sending outbound.
  • Download files as JPG: Scan Capture users can now download documents or images as JPG files in Drive. Users now have the option to download in either PDF or JPG format. If the document contains multiple pages, and JPG is selected as the download format, the document will download as a zip file with several images.

Drive - Save as JPG.png

  • Quick fax directly from a case: Send a Quick Fax directly from a case. Open the case panel and select the Quick Fax icon. A Quick Fax from a case will log the transmission as an activity in the Case Activity History. The Quick Fax generated from a case will have the barcode that was generated when the case was originally created.

Cases - Quick Fax from Case.png

  • HCHB Enhancements:
    • The Order Number and Episode ID fields for HCHB users will produce an error if characters other than numbers are entered. This will reduce errors during the attachment process.
    • When users set case status to Attach to HCHB, Forcura will now attempt to resend the case up to three times before sending to the Review – Did Not Attach to HCHB.
    • During case creation, if a case is not saved or created, the document will go back to the previous location of either inbound or Drive. An error message will appear notifying the user that the case was not created.
  • Improved performance: Internal updates made to improve web application performance for a better user experience. A contingency plan is in place should disruption occur with third party services.

If you're having trouble seeing these changes please try clearing your browser's cache using the instructions here.

Mobile Enhancements

  • Create Distribution Groups based on Security Groups: Site Administrators can now quickly create Distribution Groups for Secure Messaging based on users already assigned to a Security Group. Distribution Groups created in the mobile application will not be reflected in the web application, however, Distribution Groups created in the web application will reflect in the mobile application.

For those using our mobile app, make sure you've updated it! We recommend turning on auto-updates for the best experience.


  • Resend from an Inbound Fax: Users will no longer receive an error when attempting to resend from an Inbound Fax.
  • Archiving Patients: Patients are no longer archived when users select Cancel in the confirmation window. Previously, if the user selected Cancel, the patient would still be archived.
  • Download Templates error removed: Users will no longer receive an error message when attempting to download a template.
  • Manage Pages icon updated in Grid View: Manage Pages icon works correctly when Drive is displayed in Grid View.
  • Increased speed when running User Activity Report: Increased speed to display results faster in the User Activity Report. Report will no longer error out when pulling larger date ranges or user sets.


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