How do I view or change the criteria used for a Saved Search?

Mary Beth Janson -

View or change the criteria used to populate the saved searches on your dashboard. 

Click on the search you wish to view.

Open the hamburger menu and select Current Criteria.

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View the current selections displayed in the Current Search Criteria window.


Use the Actions buttons to make changes to Criterion Values and select Search.

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Review the Search Results. If you wish to save the search, open the hamburger menu and select Save Search.

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You may save the results as a new search or you may update the existing search by selecting the appropriate tab.

To save as a new search, select the New Search tab. 

1. Select the card where the new search should display

2. Enter the Search Name

3. Select the Text color

4. Select the Background color and select Save

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To update the existing search with the new criteria, select the Update Existing Search tab.

1. Enter the Search Name

2. Select the Text color

3. Select the Background color and select Save

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The updated search will replace the existing search on the original card. You may drag and drop this search to a different card as needed. 





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