Release Notes 6/30/2017

Mary Beth Janson -



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Web Application Enhancements

  • Forcura Secure Document Delivery: Forcura’s new inbound document delivery platform allows internal and external sources to securely and efficiently transmit documents into Forcura with no diminished quality. Documents are immediately received in Forcura, bypassing the delays and costs associated with faxing. Users will enter your agency’s fax number and attach documents in pdf format. Barcoded documents will be read and put into Pending Approval status. Non-barcoded documents will appear in the Inbound section. Be sure to attend our upcoming webinar to learn more about this exciting new feature!



  • Secure Messaging Web Application Updates: New features added to the web version of Secure Messaging include new groupings for better organization and an interface redesign for an enhanced user experience.


  • Select transmission delivery time for batched faxes: Agencies using our fax batch feature now have the option to select the specific time that they would like their fax batches sent. Currently, all batches are sent at 5pm EST. Contact to have fax batches sent at a different time as needed.


  • Deleted faxes will not be sent: Transmissions in a “Queued” or “Pending” status will not be sent when the Delete option is selected. Transmissions in all other statuses have already been sent and cannot be deleted. Transmission status will update to “Cancelled” when successfully deleted. Click on the ellipsis next to the pending or queued transmission and select Delete.




  • Identify Fax Types: New Icons added to the Transmissions page will help differentiate between faxes and Quick Faxes. Users are now able to sort and filter Transmissions by fax type.




  • Differentiate ‘Fax’ activity within Activity History: Activity History in Cases now displays sent and received status while also identifying the fax type.




Mobile Enhancements

  • Attach Secure Messaging Conversations to a Patient: Secure Messaging Conversations can now be attached to patients. Once a patient is attached to a conversation, you have the option to create a case. Once the case is created, the conversation is removed from the mobile application and will appear in the web application for review or to be archived to the Patient Chart. A patient must be assigned to a conversation in order to create a case.




  • Duplicate activity removed when logging a Quick Fax from a case: Quick faxing from a case no longer shows a duplicate activity in the Activity History.
  • Special characters no longer cause a zero in Quick Fax: Quick Faxes will now send if special characters, such as dashes or parentheses, are entered in the fax number field.
  • Performance improvements and date fix for reports: When selecting date ranges on reports, the system will now pull all data from the beginning of the day for the entered Start Date until the end of the day for the entered End Date. Report time stamps now reflect users’ selected time zone as indicated in their profile. In addition, internal performance updates were made to enhance the user experience.
  • Transmissions page displays entire fax number: Adjusted spacing to display full fax number on transmissions page.








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