Secure Document Delivery

Mary Beth Janson -

Secure Document Delivery is a new inbound document delivery platform that delivers documents immediately into Forcura while still retaining image quality. This process does not require a fax line; therefore, it eliminates the delays and costs associated with faxing.  Barcoded documents sent through Document Delivery will be read and appear in Pending Approval status. Non-barcoded documents will appear in Inbound.

Follow these steps to send a document through Document Delivery:

In your browser, type

1. Click the Captcha box for security

2. Enter Recipient Fax NumberR. Forcura will confirm if this is a valid fax number on our platform. Sender may only send to one fax number at a time.

3. Enter Sender Fax Number or Email 

4. Enter Sender Name 

5. Enter Subject

6. Click Choose Files to browse and attach file (must be in PDF format). To send multiple files in one transmission, hold down the Shift key while selecting the files. We recommend having all of the files in the same location for easy selection. The number of files selected will display next to Choose Files. Hover over the number to see the file names. 

7. Click Send

 Sender will receive a message confirming transmission status.

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Use the one page Forcura Secure Document Delivery Sender Instructions document below to instruct your physicians and referral sources how to use Secure Document Delivery. To watch a demonstration how to use Secure Document Delivery, click here.


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