Release Notes 12/20/2017

Mary Beth Janson -

We will not conduct a live webinar for this release. Please review the notes below for Product Update information.

Web Application Enhancements

  • Updates to Attach to Existing Case – When searching for cases, the search results will default to display cases that are Open (Active). Use the filters in the dropdown menu to display closed (Archived) cases in the results and unarchive as needed.

  • Updates to Advanced Search – Create a saved search on your Dashboard for a Shared Folder in Drive. Using the Advanced Search feature, select Drive for the Search Type, and then select the desired folder under the Shared Folders section. Save the results to your dashboard to view real time updates when documents are moved in and out of the selected shared folder.
  • Print/Download available on Transmissions pages – Print and download is now available in the menus of the transmission pages. Select one or multiple transmissions and select Print/Download.

  • Directory Turnaround Time Report Update – When filtering by directory, the directory field now displays the NPI and External Reference ID number for more accurate directory selection.

  • Secure Messaging Update – Send an urgent message or a broadcast message from the Secure Messaging web application. Previously, this was only available in the mobile application.



Mobile Application Enhancements

  • Log out notification update – Notification added to inform user that documents in the mobile application will be deleted when a user manually logs out of the application. Documents will remain in the app if users close it, however if users select Log Out from the Account Settings page, they will be notified that any documents or images currently in the app will be deleted.

  • Mobile Case Creation Update for HCHB Users – When creating a case, users will not be able to update the status of the case to “Attach to HCHB”. This option has been removed. Users should select another status when creating the case.


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