How do I run an Orders Pending Report?

Mary Beth Janson -

The Orders Pending Report allows you to view all documents in the Pending Signature status in one consolidated report. The report can be exported to Excel or printed.

Navigate to My Reports.


Select Run Report on the Orders Pending Report card.

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Apply a filter to select a specific delivery type in the top left corner of the page. If you wish to view all orders pending, regardless of delivery type, select All Delivery Types.  

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Column Heading definitions are as follows:

Approval Date - the creation date of the case

Delivery Type - the method with which the case was sent (Fax, Mail, Courier)

Last Sent - the last time a transmission took place that was tracked in Forcura (Fax, Mail, Courier)

Attempts - the total number of resend attempts

Months Since - the number of months since the last resend

Days Since - the number of days since the last resend

Expected Return - 14 days since the last resend


Use the buttons on the top right corner of the page to print or export the results.

Note: Only activities that are tracked in Forcura will appear on this report. If documents are sent or resent outside of Forcura, those activities will not be reflected in the Orders Pending Report.





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