Release Notes 7/28/2017

Mary Beth Janson -



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Web Application Enhancements:

  • Secure Document Delivery Updates: Secure Document Delivery is now available for all users. Inline scanning security features have been added to detect password protected PDFs. Users will be notified upon attaching a PDF if it contains a virus or if the document is password protected.
  • Movable Pop-ups: Pop-up windows can be moved around on the screen in order to view the document behind it. Pop-ups include Resend, Attach to an Existing Case, and Archive to Patient.
  • Email notification link to Inbound section: Users that receive the notification email for Inbound transmissions will now be directed to either Inbound or the transmission when clicking the link. Previously, the link would direct users to their dashboard and they needed to navigate to Inbound to see the transmission. Now the link will bring users directly to the Inbound section if the transmission is tied to a case. If the transmission is not tied to a case, the link will direct users to the transmission.
  • Secure Messaging – Create Case from Conversation in web application: Just like in the mobile app, users can create a case from a Patient Conversation. Select the patient conversation and click the gear icon in the top right corner to create a case. Cases can only be created to conversations that have a patient assigned to them. Once the case is created, the conversation is removed from the conversation list and appears under Cases.
    create case convo.png
  • Attach to Existing Case – Search by Order Number: HomeCare HomeBase users are now able to search by Order Number when attaching documents to existing cases by entering the Order Number in the new field. Non HCHB users will not see the Order Number field and will continue to search by patient or other key word. A Created date field has also been added for all users to assist in locating the correct case.
    Attach to case order number.png
  • Barcode Scanner Improvements: Internal improvements made to increase the speed and accuracy of the barcode scanner.
  • Custom Fields display order: Custom fields are now displayed on the Cases page in the same order as they are listed when creating a case. Fields that have values entered will display when expanded. Blank fields will not display when expanded.
  • Create Case Error Correction: Quickly correct missing information during case creation. When clicking Create, an error notification appears that all required fields must be populated and the user is brought to the top of the case panel to make corrections.
  • Search Users Results Displayed: Site Administrators will see the number of results when searching for users. Enter the search term and see the number of results displayed next to the search button.
    user search results.png
  • Fax Transmission Report Updates: Users can apply filters when running the Fax Transmission Report for increased speed and accuracy. Filter by Transmission Date, Sender number, Recipient number, or Fax Status. Searches yielding more than 5000 results will be automatically exported rather than displayed.

    fax transmission report.png

If you're having trouble seeing these changes please try clearing your browser's cache using the instructions here.

Using our mobile app? Make sure you've updated it! We recommend turning on auto-updates for the best mobile experience.


  • Calendar now goes back 100 years: Calendar now allows users to select dates prior to 2007. Users needing to enter dates more than 100 years ago will need to manually type in the date.
  • Thumbnail fix after scrolling: Thumbnail previews now display correctly even after the user has scrolled to view more results.
  • Manage Pages Loading: When using the Manage Pages feature, the page thumbnails only load as the user scrolls, instead of all at once.
  • Android and Apple mobile consistency: Updated language in mobile applications for consistency among devices.
  • Welcome Email exclusion for SSO users: New users with agencies using Single Sign On (SSO) access to Forcura will not receive a welcome email with log in instructions. They will follow the SSO process designated by their agency to access Forcura.
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