Release Notes 8/31/2017

Charlie Flynn -


Click here to watch the Product Update Webinar.

Web Application Enhancements:

  • Enhanced Activity History Details in Cases: View additional activity details in the cases’ Activity History and the User Activity Report. Actions captured include tag and user assignment, attached documents, and case edit details. The Activity History now lists the previous value of edited items along with the new value. In addition, users can now see where the document originated, such as from Drive or Inbound. New activity detail will display going forward but will not be updated retroactively.
  • Type ahead for Security Groups: Type the name or branch code for the Security Group during case creation for quick selection. Users with multiple groups will no longer need to scroll to select the desired Security Group.
  • Attach to Existing Case Update: View the Case ID when attaching documents to existing cases. Search by Case ID, Patient, or Order Number if HCHB, and hover over the checkbox to view the Case ID to ensure accurate case attachment.
  • Messaging Update for Resending Transmissions: When attempting to resend Inbound faxes, users will be reminded that only Outbound faxes will be resent.
  • Quick Fax ‘Send To’ Validation: Users are required to type in a 10-digit number when sending Quick Faxes. If the full number is not typed or a directory is not selected, users will see an error. Remember to press Enter or select the dropdown option to validate the entry.
  • HCHB Orders Check-In Report Updates: View Physician Name and Document Type on the HCHB Orders Check-In Report. Results message includes Signed and Not Signed information.
  • Additional Security Enhancements: Password requirements have been updated. Please review the password requirements when resetting your password. Data center reinforcements enhanced to minimize platform downtime in the event of an outage.

If you're having trouble seeing these changes please try clearing your browser's cache using the instructions here.

Mobile Enhancements

  • Secure Messaging Video: Upload short videos in Secure Messaging. Videos can be up to 1 minute in length and will be visible in the mobile and web application. 
  • Secure Messaging Send Files: Upload PDF, Word, or Excel documents from mobile device or Cloud Storage (iCloud, Google Drive, etc).
  • Wound Measurement: We are excited to announce the beta phase of our new Wound Measurement module. This mobile application allows users to take wound images and attach them to the patient chart from their mobile device. It applies the area, height, width and timestamp directly on the image. Contact to learn more about participating in our beta testing group. Wound measurement is currently available in beta for iOS users. Android availability to be announced soon.

If you're using the Forcura mobile app, be sure you've updated it! We recommend turning on auto-updates for the best mobile experience.


  • Full Error message display: Hover over the Error symbol to view the complete error message on the Pending Transmissions Error page.  Users can see full error messages on any fax transmission page.
  • Corrected fax cover page with Batch faxing: Agencies using batch faxing will notice that individual fax cover sheets are included when sending from different locations.
  • HCHB error processing: Cases that sit in Attach to HCHB status for more than 4 hours will be reattempted and then udated to the status of Review – Did Not Attach as necessary.
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