What types of files can I upload in Secure Messaging?

Mary Beth Janson -

Upload PDF, Word, Excel, or video files. Files can be uploaded directly from your mobile device or from cloud storage such as iCloud, Google Drive, etc., or can be scanned using your mobile device. 

 To upload or scan documents, select Scan Document or File/Document from within the conversation.

To scan a document, place the mobile device above the document and center until the teal outline appears The document will automatically scan or select the camera icon to manually capture the document. 

To send a video via Secure Messaging, take the video from within the application or upload from your mobile device. Videos can be up to 1 minute in length and are visible in both the mobile and the web applications. 

Create cases for videos in conversations that are tied to patients. Video link will appear in PDF format. Archive videos to the patient chart in Forcura or attach to HomeCare HomeBase (HCHB) for HCHB users. 



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