Release Notes 9/28/2017

Mary Beth Janson -


Click here to watch the Product Update Webinar. 

Web Application Enhancements

  • Enhanced Reporting Updates: Two new reports are available for Site Administrators to help manage user activities in Forcura. The first version of these reports will be available to Site Administrators only.
    • New Reports:
      • Document Tracking Report: This report tracks the time from when a case is created to when it reaches a selected status. Users can select one or multiple statuses. The turnaround time is based on when the case is created through whichever endpoint status you select (Attached to HCHB, Pending Approval, Referral Complete, etc). Results are sorted in descending order with longest time periods appearing at the top.

        Reporting 1.png

      • User Outstanding Workflow Report: This report shows the time that open cases have been assigned to a user based on the selected status or statuses. Filter by security group for quick user selection. Results include all cases assigned to the user that have not been archived.

        REporting 2.png

    • Report Option Location Update: Report filtering options are now located in the hamburger menu on the left for all reports. Column headings are fixed at the top. Preview and Export to Excel buttons are located at the bottom of the menu.

      User Activity Report update-1.png
  • Fax Transmission Report Update: The Transmission ID on the Fax Transmission report is now links the actual transmission. Click on the link to view the transmission and close out of the view to return to the Fax Transmission Report.

    FaxTransmission Report Update.png
  • Export Saved Search Results: Export results of Saved Searches using the new Export Saved Search button. View the saved search, expand the hamburger menu, and select Export Saved Search. This applies to Saved Searches on the Dashboard and is not available for Advanced Search results that have not been saved. Export includes custom fields, tags, and assigned users as applicable.

    Export Save Search Results.png

  • View videos and other files types within the web application: View videos uploaded from Secure Messaging (mobile app) in the web application. Now a new window will open and play from within the application. Word documents and Excel spreadsheets can also be downloaded by selecting the link.
  • Drive Folder Organization: Folders in Drive will display in alphabetical order with Shared Folders in alphabetical order displayed first. Personal Folders appear below Shared Folders.
  • Performance Updates: Enhancements made to improve performance in the Search, Viewer, and Drive features.

If you're having trouble seeing these changes please try clearing your browser's cache using the instructions here.

Mobile Enhancements

  • Wound Measurement for Android: Android users are now able to take wound images and attach them to the patient chart from their mobile device. It applies the area, height, width, and timestamp directly on the image. Site Administrators should contact if interested in activating Wound Measurement.

If you're using the Forcura mobile app, be sure to update it! We strongly recommend turning on auto-updates for the best mobile experience.


  • Load Documents in Grid View: The “Loading Documents” message now disappears once all documents are loaded
  • Inbound and Transmissions pages display User Time Zone: User’s time zone now displays when hovering over the “Created” and “Updated” date columns on the Inbound and Transmissions pages
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