Release Notes 11/2/2017

Charlie Flynn -


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Web Application Enhancements

  • Enhanced Reporting Updates: A new dashboard layout groups standard and administrative reports for better organization.
    • Directory Turnaround Time Report: This reports the time it takes for cases to come back in to Forcura after they are sent out to a directory. The start date reflects the date the case is assigned to a status of Pending Signature and the end date reflects the date when the status is updated to Pending Approval. Report results include both active and archived cases.
    • Additional Report Filters: Additional filters have been added to the following reports: Transmitted Orders Pending Report, User Activity Report, User Outstanding Report, and the HCHB Orders Check In Report. New filter options include delivery type and document type, where users may filter for more than one delivery or document type as needed.
  • Audit Log for Transmissions: Additional details are included in the Transmission Audit Log to identify which users have read or deleted documents. When viewing the transmission, select the Audit Log icon to view the details.


  • HCHB Enhancements:
    • Physician signature requirement: Designate which document types must have a Physician Signature date entered prior to checking the document into HCHB. Assign this requirement at the Document Type level. Users will receive an error notification when assigning the Attach to HCHB status and the Physician Signature field is incomplete. The error notification appears when editing within a case, editing inline from the Cases page, and when editing in bulk. This requirement minimizes errors when attaching documents to HCHB.
    • Order ID Validation: Existing Order IDs are validated when creating a new case. Users entering an already existing Order ID when creating a case will receive an error notification that the Order ID already exists. The notification directs users to validate the Order ID number or attach the document to an existing case in order to prevent case duplication. The Order ID validation is applied to active and archived cases.
  • Database Improvements: Updates made to improve the performance of our applications.



  • Scan Capture and Secure Messaging Integration: Mobile users can now share scanned documents instantly via Secure Messaging. The integration provides efficient and secure communication and document transmission between care team members.
  • See all users in Group Chat: View all members of a group chat. Previously, the application only showed the first 10 members. Now all members will display. If distribution groups are set up by security group, the name of the security group will display, instead of showing all members individually. If multiple security groups are part of a chat, the names of each security group will display.
  • Distribution Group Updates: Only Site Administrators are able to create distribution groups in both web and mobile. Site Administrators are also unable to leave Distribution Group conversations in order to prevent locking of the Distribution Group.


  • Card Aging Logic: Date Ranges now reflect the correct time period selected and the user time zone.
  • Date Range Search Validation: Validation added to prevent users from searching for date ranges that don’t apply.
  • Default filters not applied when Attaching to Existing Case: In order to avoid confusion, default filters are not applied when attaching to an existing case. The search is system-wide and will ignore any default search filters user have in place.
  • Quick Fax number validation: Users cannot enter or select more than 10 fax numbers in the Send To field.
  • Prevent duplicated documents when Saving to Drive: Users will only see one copy of a document when saving document to Drive. Previously, users would save to Drive and two copies of the same document appeared.
  • Multiple Batch Faxing Fix: When a batch fax is sent again, it displays as “System User” so that the user doesn’t think they’ve sent the fax multiple times.
  • Courier Activity Fix for HCHB users: Courier activity now displays correctly.
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