Release Notes 12/7/2017

Mary Beth Janson -



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Web Application Enhancements


  • Attach to Existing Case Updates: View “Open” (active) or “Closed” (archived) status of cases when cases are displayed in the Attach to Existing Case window. Hover over the checkbox to view the status.
    • If selecting an archived, or “Closed” case, a message will appear prompting you to unarchive the case. The case will open, allowing you to edit case fields before attaching, which eliminates the need to search for the case to edit additional fields.
    • If selecting an active case, the case will open allowing you to edit case fields, which eliminates the need to search for the case to edit additional fields.
    • A notification will appear for any search exceeding 100 results, which may require you to narrow down your search.
    • Please ensure pop up blockers are turned off in your browser in order for selected cases to open. 


  • Transmission ID in Activity History: The Transmission ID is now listed in the “Created” activity in each case’s activity history. This allows you to view the original transmission from which the case was created if applicable.


  • View Additional Patient Information: View additional patient information when selecting patients during case creation. Patient ID, DOB, and address now display to assist with correct patient selection. This information must be populated on the Patient page in order for it to display during case creation.


  • Print/Download Activity in Activity History: When users print or download a document, the print/download activity now displays in the case Activity History. This activity is logged when using print/download from the viewer and when using the bulk print/download feature.


  • Duplicate Order Number Error Update: The error message has been updated to include a link to view the existing case when a duplicate order number is entered during case creation. No need to search for the case, just click the link.
  • Duplicate Order Number Report for HCHB: Clean up duplicate orders by running the Duplicate Order Number Report. Run the report as of the most recent date in order to capture all duplicate orders. Filters for the report include Order Number, Security Group/Branch, and Case Status. Results message included to determine HCHB Attachment Status of cases displayed. HCHB Site Administrators have access to this report.



  • Send a Broadcast Message in Secure Messaging: Site Administrators can send a one-way message to a group without allowing group members to reply. Broadcast Messages cannot be sent to Security Groups at this time.
  • Mark Messages as Urgent: You now have the ability to mark secure messages as Urgent. The ‘Urgent’ notification will appear on the home screen of the app. This is available for all Secure Messaging users.

  • Add Multiple User to Existing Conversations: Add multiple users to existing conversations at one time instead of selecting individually.










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