How do I create a shared folder that other users can access?

Charlie Flynn -

When naming the folder, check the box that says "Make account-wide?". 

Shared folders are yellow and are viewable by everyone in your account by default. Site administrators can edit the Folder Users for shared folders, so that they are only accessible by specified users. Shared folders can be used to make documents available for other team members.

 Site Administrators can follow these steps to manage access to Shared Folders:

  1. Create the shared folder by checking "Make account-wide?".
  2. Once the folder is created, navigate to the Site Administration section (Alt + 9 on your keyboard)
  3. Scroll down and click on "Shared Folders"
  4. Locate the folder, and click the Edit Folder Users button at the right end of the list row.
  5. On the Folder Users screen, locate the users you'd like to give access to within the All Users section on the left and click the Add Users button. You'll see them added to the Members of this Folder section on the right.

    TIP: Press CTRL on your keyboard when selecting users to select several at once.
  6. Once you've added the users, click "Save Folder Users" in the bottom right.


TIP: Site Administrators can also assign Shared Folders by Security Group to increase efficiency. Instead of assigning individual users, Site Administrators can select the Security Group from the All Groups list. All members of the selected Security Group would gain access to the Shared Folder.


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