What is a Quick Fax and how do I send one?

Charlie Flynn -

A Quick Fax is a non-tracked fax that can be sent with minimal information assigned to it. Quick Faxes are used to send documents that do not need to be signed and/or returned. 

There a three ways to send a Quick Fax:

1. From anywhere in the application, press Ctrl+Q on your keyboard to open the Quick Fax window.

2. Select the Quick Fax icon directly from a document in Drive in Thumbnail or Grid View.

Thumbnail View:

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Grid View:

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3. Quick Fax from the Fax page as shown below.

  • Select the Lightning Bolt icon and select Fax. You may also press Alt+F on your keyboard. 


  • Open the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the Fax page and select Send Quick Fax.

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  • Complete the four required fields and select Send Fax.

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Please note that a document must first be uploaded to your Drive before you can attach it to a Quick Fax. 


You may also send a Quick Fax to multiple recipients. In the 'Send To' field, type the recipient's name, fax number, or external reference number. You must enter the full 10-digit number, including area code, when entering the fax number manually. Press Enter or Return on your keyboard after typing in each entry to add another recipient.



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