Configuring DirectConnect

Charlie Flynn -

Step 1

You can find your DirectConnect token(s)/ API key(s) in your user profile or in the Users list under "Tokens". If you do not see your token follow the instructions here to create one. You must be a Site Administrator in order to create a new token.

Because DirectConnect is designed to run in a multi-tenant environment, there is a single file located at the installation root that allows administrators to relate logged in users to their Forcura tokens. You can edit this directly through the application, or by manually editing the file C:\Forcura\Users.csv.

To launch DirectConnect, go to the folder C:\Forcura, right click "DirectConnectVirtual.exe", and select "Run As Administrator". Alternatively you can restart the system (after the registry key has been added) and the application will start automatically.

Step 2

To add new users, select File->Settings. The following dialog will appear:


Step 3

At the bottom under the "Users" category, select "(Collection)" and click the ellipsis to launch the add user dialog.


Step 4

Enter the Logged In User's name and the drive token/ API key. If you do not know the logged in user's name, you can go to HELP->About, and view the "Current User" at the lower left of the window.

Note: The Logged In User's name is NOT the username used to log into Forcura. It is the username they use to log into their machine or server. Copy the text to the right of "Current User:" exactly as it appears. Text must be in the proper case in order for DirectConnect to work properly.


Step 5

Once you have provided the user and token, you can close the dialog. The settings will automatically save. Try printing a test document to "DirectConnect" printer and ensure that it arrives in the specified user's Drive.


Configuration complete!


If you encountered any issues during setup, please review our troubleshooting guide.

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