Technical Information

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All configuration settings are stored in the file C:\Forcura\DirectConnectVirtual.exe.config

While all of these attributes are customizable, it is not recommended that you manually change any of these entries without assistance from Forcura's Support team as they may cause instability in the application.

PropertyDefault ValuePurpose
ForcuraDriveAPI The web endpoint DirectConnect uses to upload PDF files.
UsersFilePath C:\Forcura\Users.csv The location of the Users file. This path is allowed to have environment variables.
LogFilePath C:\Forcura\Log.txt The location log messages are written. This path is not allowed to have environment variables.
TempFolderPath C:\Forcura\Temp Temporary file path DirectConnect uses to stage and convert files before they are uploaded. This path is allowed to have environment variables.
PrintFilePath C:\PrinterPlusPlus\Temp The temp folder located within the Printer++ installation folder. This path is allowed to have environment variables. This folder will be created if it doesn't exist.
MonitorTempFolder false If set to true, will monitor the local user's temp directory for PDF files to upload.
CustomPaths C:\Temp\%username%\Forcura Comma-separated list of custom paths the application will scan for PDF files. This path is allowed to have environment variables. These folders will be created if they do not exist.
MyForcura The web address of Forcura.
PollInterval 1000 Time (in milliseconds) the application will look for new files to process.
UsersGuideUrl The web address of the User's Guide.
Below are some commonly used Environment Variables. For more, visit Windows Environment Variables.
VariableDefault Value (Windows 7)
%APPDATA% C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming
%COMPUTERNAME% {computername}
%LOCALAPPDATA% C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming
%USERNAME% {username}
%USERPROFILE% %SystemDrive%\Users\{username}

Error & Event Logging

DirectConnect's log can be found under C:\Forcura\Log.txt

The log file is appended to during the application's execution and will aid in troubleshooting any problems that the application might have during operation.


DirectConnect saves a small amount application information to the registry.

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run/DirectConnect

    This indicates the path to the bootstrap application launcher that allows DirectConnect to launch on startup.

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Forcura/DirectConnect

    This is the location of saved user preferences and Printer++ configuration settings.

If any of the following settings are missing or do not have values set, this could cause application instability.

Startup Note: If DirectConnect is not launching at startup, create a start up batch file that automatically fires up DirectConnect when the machine restarts. As a "security feature" Windows opens an Explorer window to show the source of this start up file which is a default behavior of the operating system and is not a bug.
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