DirectConnect User's Guide

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DirectConnect is Forcura's easy-to-use desktop application that allows you to virtually print any document directly into Forcura.

If you have not yet installed DirectConnect, please see our Installation Guide.

Launching DirectConnect

DirectConnect will automatically start each time you start your computer or session. If it is not running, you can launch it from C:\Forcura. You can check to see that it is running by looking for the orange logo in your application tray.

Using DirectConnect

At its core, DirectConnect performs three primary functions:

  • Monitors a local folder for print or PDF files
  • Converts printed files into PDF files
  • Uploads the file to your Forcura Drive

While generally DirectConnect runs quietly in the background, you can use this screen to perform some basic tasks:

  • You brwose for PDF files right from your desktop to the application and they will be uploaded to your Forcura Drive.
  • The status bar at the bottom of the application will tell you the current state of the application (Initializing, Ready, or Uploading)

If you minimize DirectConnect, it will run in the background.

A notification will appear any time a file is uploaded to Forcura Drive. To change notification settings, from the main menu select EDIT->Settings.

Getting Documents into Forcura Drive

There are two primary methods for getting a file from DirectConnect to your Drive in Forcura:

  • Print to the DirectConnect printer driver
  • Drag and drop a PDF onto the hamburger menu within Drive

Printing to Forcura

You can create a document from any application that is capable of printing, such as your EMR, a web browser, and even Microsoft Word or Excel. Simply set the printer to "DirectConnect", print, and the application will do the rest.

Within moments, DirectConnect will locate the file, convert it to a PDF document, and upload it into your Forcura Drive.

To learn more about alternate upload methods, click here.

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