How do I know if a document attached to Homecare Homebase successfully?

Charlie Flynn -

After updating the status of the case to "Attached to HCHB" in Forcura, wait a couple minutes, then check the comments within the case. You should see the word "SUCCESS" to the right of HCHB Attachment Status.

You can also check the HCHB Exports section to confirm that cases have been attached to Homecare Homebase successfully.

If the status is Error, check that all required fields are entered in the proper format. Keep in mind that date fields must be entered in MM/DD/YYYY format. Also, numbers must be entered in the Order Number and Episode ID fields. Characters other than numbers are not allowed and users will be notified with an error message. After correcting any information, be sure to click Save. The document will be queued to be re-imported into Homecare Homebase. 

NOTE: There is a file size limit of 47MB when attaching documents to the patient chart.

If the status is Success and you don't see it in Homecare Homebase wait a couple more minutes, then reach out to your supervisor or Homecare Homebase contact.

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