What do I do with returned HCHB documents that I've reviewed and approved?

Charlie Flynn -

Once a document is returned the barcode will link it to the existing case and the status will automatically update to Pending Approval. The returned document should be reviewed and either approved or re-sent.

If approved:

  1. Adjust the status from Pending Approval to Attached to HCHB

  2. If necessary, adjust the Document Type and the Case Name; this information will appear in the HCHB patient chart
  3. Enter the Physician Sign Date in the case details

Physician Sign Date: The date the document was signed by the physician (ex. 08/01/2016). This information will also be added to HCHB. Physician Sign Date must be in MM/DD/YYYY format (ex. 08/01/2016).

If not approved...

  1. Open the case
  2. Select View Activity
  3. From the list of activities determine which version you wish to resend
  4. Click the Resend button
  5. Complete the Resend Document window and click Resend
  6. Fill out the necessary information:
    • Name: This information appears on the fax cover page
    • Status: Adjusted from Pending Approval to Pending Signature
    • Select a Fax Group: Select the fax group
    • Cover Page: Select the fax cover page
    • Click Resend
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