Where can I find HCHB documents that are not delivered by fax?

Charlie Flynn -

If the physician delivery method is set to either Mail or Courier in Forcura the document will be managed through the dashboard folder labeled Inbound from HCHB. These documents can be printed and set via mail or hand delivered.

If you'd like to fax from the Inbound from HCHB section:

  1. Open the case
  2. Select View Activity
  3. From the list of activities determine which version you wish to resend
  4. Click the Resend button
  5. Complete the Resend Document window and click Resend
    1. Fill out the necessary information:
    • Name: This information appears on the fax cover page
    • Status: Adjusted from Inbound to Pending Signature
    • Select a Fax Group: Select the Fax group
    • Cover Page: Select the fax cover page (if needed)
    • Click Resend
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