How do I resend an Error transmission?

Charlie Flynn -

Faxes that do not transmit successfully will display on the Pending Transmissions card as an Error. Read more about how to troubleshoot fax transmission errors here.

There are two ways to resend a transmission

  • If nothing needs to be adjusted (i.e. fax number, recipient, message, etc.):
    • Select the row
    • Click on the hamburger menu ☰ on the left hand side
    • Under Transmission Options select Resend Selected
    • Items resent using this method will be automatically hidden after resending.
  • If the fax number is incorrect or you need to send to a different number:
    • Update the fax number within the Directory record and within your EMR (instructions here).
    • When viewing the case, click "View Activity" from the panel on the left.

    • From the Activity History click the Resend button (arrow) on the activity/ version of the document you would like to resend.

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