How do I add a new user?

Charlie Flynn -

Site administrators can create new users. If a very similar already exists, you can clone them. To create new user, follow the steps below.

From the main menu, click Site Administration (Alt + 9 on your keyboard).

Click the Users section and select Create New User in the bottom right


Complete the required fields below

  • User Name: work email address [Example:]
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email: same as username
  • Time Zone
  • Copy Roles From: Roles provide users access to specific areas of Forcura. It’s recommended to copy roles from a user with the same job function as this new user.

NOTE: For standard users do not copy roles from a site administrator user

  • Copy Document Groups From: Document/Security Groups provide case access view
  • Copy Fax Groups From: Provide access to the Inbound Transmission section
  • Copy Address Data From: Select a user with similar contact information
  • Copy Dashboard From: Select a user which has a similar job function as the new user


Click Save User and you’ll be redirected to the Site Administration page. 

New users (and cloned ones) will receive a welcome email with a temporary password. Once logged in, they'll be asked to set a new password.


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