What do the different case statuses mean?

Charlie Flynn -

The different statuses listed in Forcura can be customized by your site administrator. They are used to track documents as they move through a specific workflow.

For documents like MD Orders and 485s the status helps track the case and allows users to easily search for documents as they move through the orders tracking workflow. This workflow can be used for any document sent outbound through Forcura that needs to be signed and/or returned.

The user’s goal is to move cases through the workflow:

  • When a case is sent out, it is barcoded and assigned the status of Pending Signature.
  •  Once signed and returned, the barcode links the fax to the existing case and the status will automatically update to Pending Approval.
  •  If the document is not approved it can be resent and the status should be adjusted to Pending Signature.

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