Why are my barcoded faxes going into Inbound instead of Pending Approval?

Charlie Flynn -

In general, cases that are sent out via fax will have a barcode printed at the top of them. When those documents return, Forcura will scan them for a barcode and link them to the existing case. The existing case will update to "Pending Approval".

Sometimes, our barcode scanner is unable to read the barcode and therefore cannot link the document to the existing case. In these scenarios, you can attach the document to the existing case using the instructions here.

The legibility of the barcode can be affected by a variety of factors. Here are some way to improve legibility:

  • Do all faxing and re-faxing through Forcura. Using a fax machine will decrease legibility.
  • Avoid printing or photocopying. The more a document is printed, the lower the legibility. If you need to print, always print the original version from Forcura.
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