How often is patient and physician information from HCHB synced with Forcura?

Charlie Flynn -

Patient demographic information is synced between HCHB and Forcura on a regular basis throughout the day. Changes to the information below trigger the patient information sync with Forcura:

  • Add New Client Episode 
  • Assign LP 
  • Discharge Date 
  • Discharge Date, Reason Death
  • Update Demographics 
  • Update Service Location 
  • Update Primary Dx 
  • Update Primary Physician 
  • Delete Client Episode 
  • Update Secondary Dx 
  • Assign LP for Hospice 
  • Episode Status is Current 
  • Non-admit Episode 
  • Episode Status Changed to Re-certified 

Forcura’s physician Directory information is updated each time a new order is sent from HCHB to Forcura. Any updates that need to be made to the physician directory should be made in HCHB. For instructions on how to manually add a patient in Forcura, click here.

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