Fax Line Architecture

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We know your fax lines are the lifeblood of your business. As your trusted partner, Forcura will work with you during the implementation process to ensure an easy transition of these lines to Forcura. Below are the different options we can utilize to transition your fax lines to Forcura. In order to complete timely testing of the fax service during Implementation, you will need to forward your fax line to Forcura in the short-term. Once forwarded, we highly encourage clients to port their current fax lines or create a net new line solely dedicated to Forcura. This will maximize the rate of successful inbound fax transmissions.



Fax forwarding allows your current fax line to be “forwarded” to Forcura. Once forwarded, you can fax outbound on the physical fax device connected to that line, but all inbound faxes will be routed to Forcura. This process is typically coordinated through your current fax carrier who provides instructions on how to forward your fax line. Once completed, inbound faxes will first be routed to your current carrier and then passed along to Forcura.

Advantage: You still have the ability to fax outbound on your current fax device.


  • Since faxes travel through your current carrier and then onto Forcura, we’ve seen instances where faxes aren’t being routed properly by the current carrier. This disconnect is difficult to identify and can result in Forcura not receiving important faxes.
  • An inbound fax being forwarded to Forcura can fail if you attempt to fax a document outbound on your physical fax device at the same time.



Porting a fax line to Forcura and away from your current carrier provides a direct connection into the Forcura application. This process is coordinated by Forcura and requires minimal investment from your agency. Once completed, outside entities faxing documents to your agency will have a direct connection into Forcura thus alleviating any potential forwarding problems.


  • You’ll no longer receive an invoice from your current carrier for the line (it’s no longer owned by the carrier).
  • Eliminates busy signals for inbound faxes.
  • Direct connection to Forcura.

Disadvantage: You’ll no longer be able to physically fax outbound on the device from the line that was ported.

Cost: During initial implementation, there is no cost for porting. 

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