Release Notes 9/9/2016

Charlie Flynn -

See these enhancements live in action during our webinar. Click here to watch.


  • Custom Access for Shared Folders: site administrators can now select exactly who they'd like to share drive folders with. Access this feature through the "Shared Folders" section within Site Administration (Alt + 9 on your keyboard).


  • Logout Notification: every 4 hours users will be notified that their session will expire and will have the option to "Continue working" to prevent logout. If they do not click "Continue working", they'll receive a notification that they've been logged out.
  • Distribution Groups in Messenger: like the mobile app, users can now create distribution groups within the web-app when creating new conversations.
  • Search Address Book and Conversations (mobile): use the search bar at the top of your conversation list or address book to quickly find contacts.

Having trouble seeing these changes? Try clearing your browser's cache using the instructions here.


  • Refresh within Custom Searches: users can now refresh successfully in saved custom searches. Saved filters will be retained.
  • Filtering Patient/ Directory: filtering in the patient and directory sections now displays the correct results.
  • Custom Messages & Subjects with special characters: custom messages and subjects with special characters now save correctly.
  • Archive to Patient Required Fields: when archiving to a patient chart from Drive the three required fields must be filled out.
  • Filtering in Archive: users no longer get a server error when filtering the Archive section.
  • Avatar initials: user initials now display correctly in the Activity History of cases (if the user hasn't uploaded a profile photo).
  • DirectConnect token in Internet Explorer: users with valid DirectConnect tokens should now see them in the My Profile section when using IE 10, 11, or later.

See these enhancements live in action during our webinar. Click here to watch.

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