What reports are available in Forcura?

Charlie Flynn -

The following reports are available:

  • Fax Transmission Report -Lists all inbound/outbound fax transmissions for a given date range.
  • Fax Aging Report - Displays faxes sent out and returned and ages date from start to completion.
  • User Activity Report - Displays all activity by a user or all users within your account.
  • Transmitted Orders Pending Report - Displays all documents Pending Signature with aging. 
  • Document Tracking Report - Displays the time it takes for documents to reach a selected phase. (Visible to Site Administrators)
  • User Outstanding Workflow Report - Displays outstanding documents assigned to a user or group of users as of the selected date. (Visible to Site Administrators)
  • HCHB Check In Report - Displays all orders checked into HCHB. (Visible to HCHB users)

1. View and export these reports by navigating to the My Reports section (Alt + 7 on your keyboard).


2. Select the desired report.  


3. Complete the fields in Report Options panel on the left and select Preview. Export the results to Excel as needed.


Another great way to track productivity and outstanding documents is through custom searches. Click here for instructions on setting these up.

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